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Pindas means a closed cloth bags, with spherical shape and filled with herbs. This is an exclusive bag for each patient, that is why I need you booking in the treatment advance so I will get your Pindas ready only for you (the bags have an extra one-time cost of 20 Euros, 2 Pindas. You can take them home and bring them for the next session).


This technique comes from oriental medicine and Ayurveda. It is applied to the body to enhance its soothing, hydrating and detoxifying properties with long strokes, gentle pressure and conducted by warm oils. I highly recommend to take this session if you are having unknown muscle pain, anxiety, depression, issues with digestion or food, and/or general body´s discomfort. This is an unmissable experience combining aroma and massage that will make your body and soul feel renewed and detoxified!

Who is this for: people willing to chill, when is hard to bare with strong massage, fibromyalgia, anxiety/depression, stress, asthma, respiratory system disorders, digestive system disorders, etc.

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