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Born curious, restless, eager to know and make my own experiences. I am a tireless seeker. Seeking tools that allow me to develop a conscious perception of the body and the way it moves and inhabits the world.

I have studied, since I was a child, the human body and its behaviour, through different disciplines. From drawing and painting to philosophy an acting. Then, I decided to dedicate most of my time to bodywork, using my hands, as I think is the first access way to other worlds we experience (psychological, emotional, spiritual).

In my homeland Buenos Aires, I studied my first massage technique, then in London and later in Spain. I have a wide range of tools plus my artistic background, all of them, become a powerful healing resource, a unique recovery medium for those who wish to live enthusiastically.

Inspired in Nordic myths and legends I share a profound love for an existence lived with passion, braveness and courage.


“The brave will succeed wherever they go”. Magnus' Saga.


In this journey we live, in planet Earth, we cannot waste a day not living joyfully… honour our ancestors means to live in grace.  For that, we need a healthy body, a clear mind and a fervent heart.

“The blade must be sharp in its case.  The same must be mind and spirit inside the body”.  Volsunga.


Divergentherapy was born out of personal needs and a long lifetime personal research.

Our body is the essential material for moving through this world. The relationship with our body will, in a large extent, determine our interpersonal relationships and with the world around.

I have observed throughout my experience that a body in pain, restricted, injured, can offer little o very faulty to those around it. Whereas a strong body, in harmony, in tune, with energy in movement, fluid, it achieves what it sets out to do, without exception.

I have created a different approach to injuries, pain, motion restrictions, physical disorders (loss of internal balance, homeostasis). An approach with a massive positive impact on the emotional and spiritual level.

Although the techniques are well known, the way they are applied is the hallmark of my work.

My main goal is for you to make the most, to “unleash your potential”.
There are no limits… you can live as you wish!

Through Divergentherapy, I intend to give you wings to your body.

Divergentherapy is, at the same time, a therapy that differs, diverges than the other you may know and, a play words in Spanish (gente diversa, which means diverse people).


This play words manifests the diverse type of people that I treat.  Because every human being is a unique created and creative piece… this is how I listen, perceive and relate to everyone that comes to my therapy room.

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