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Is a holistic treatment that uses essential oils and extracts from natural plants as a health approach. It is possible to treat various conditions with this technique that also, will leave your skin wonderfully hydrated, and exquisite perfumed.   Aromatherapy has gained more recognition in the fields of science and medicine, recently.


The key during Aromatherapy sessions is the stimuli provided to your body through the sense of smell and skin absorption. I only use oils that are pure and I know where they came from, who is the alchemist, how does he/she work… I love smells and I am sure about the power of the plants so; I want the best! Come to visit my therapy space and book this Aromatherapy treatment, I will blend the most suitable oils for your maximum benefit.

Who is this for: people willing to relax and take advantage from the scents, stress, anxiety/depression, fibromyalgia, aches, swellings.

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